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Our site is designed to offer something CNC for everybody. Whether you're building your first CNC machine or you're a CNC veteran you’re bound to find something on our site for you.

At CNCMachineKits.com our goal is to provide you with quality CNC Kits at affordable prices. Whether you're a weekend hobbyist cutting out wooden guitar shells, RC airplane parts, custom canoe forms or a light industrial user cutting the same widget 8 hours a day, we plan on having a CNC Kit just for you.

So check out what we have to offer:

CNC Router Kits: For now we are offering one CNC Router Kit, the V5-24S CNC Kit. This wooden framed CNC Kit is perfect for a wide range of users, and was designed for low cost, low volume, entry level CNC enthusiasts.  We currently have 5 CNC Kits in the development / testing phase so check in often for new product releases!

CNC Control Panels & Electronics Kits: We offer 3 levels of CNC controls for our customers. First, is our Individual Components section for those willing to put in some elbow grease to design and build their very own CNC control panel. In this section, you will only find industrial quality components for building industrial quality control panels. Second, is our DIY CNC Control Kits section for kits that includes all necessary components to build a CNC Control Panel leaving you to mount each component and hook up all the wiring. Lastly, our Pre-Wired CNC Control Panels offer no hassle plug and play operation.

CNC Creations:  This section is used to feature some of the cool items we created with our CNC machines.