Nema 23 - BASIC - CNC Control Panel

Pre-wired, tested and ready to go!

This control panel is perfect for those looking for basic CNC control in a professional looking industrial package. This CNC control panel can control 3 or 4 axis CNC machines and is perfect for those who want quality on a budget. A dedicated 5V power supply for
the breakout board provides uninterrupted performance without missed steps or noise. Fuse protection protects all those expensive CNC electronics from power surge or any source of overcurrent. All terminal blocks are numbered for easy identification and provided easy re-wiring / troubleshooting in the event wires get disconnected.

** Picture Varies slighly from actual product and some items shown are not included.  Check product comparison and sales drawings for full details **

*** Built to Order.  Generally ships in 2 weeks ***


Features Include:

  • Nema 4, 12 Industrial Enclosure, 16" X 14" X 6" w/ white powder coated back panel
  • 36V, 10A Power Supply for 3 axis Steppers, 4 axis has 36V, 12.5A power supply
  • Dedicated 5V DC power supply for Breakout board, DIN mount
  • Industrial grade din mount terminal blocks for easy install
  • Wire Ducting for clean wire routing
  • Power Cable included
  • D-Sub 25 Connection
  • Power Distribution Blocks for easy distribution of AC current
  • Fuse Protection for entire panel


 Number of Axis' / Stepper Upgrade:

  • 4th Axis requires additional stepper driver, terminal blocks, motor connections, and upgraded power supply
  • Digital steppers offer superior performance to their analog counterparts.  Stepper
    motors driven by digital controllers run smoother, and significantly reduce motor noise and heat.  All our CNC control panels now feature digital stepper drivers. 

Router / Spindle Control:

  • Optional 12 Amp, 120V AC Mechanical Relay option is suitable for most routers (approx. 2-1/4 HP and less) under non-production conditions.




N23-BASIC - Sales Drawing Package


CNC Panel Comparison Chart


Additional Photos and Details:

A closer look at the inside of the panel. 


**** Please note N23-Basic Panel does not include ventilation or control relays even though they are shown in the pictures.  This is a panel we built for one of our customers that paid extra to have the ventilation and relays added.  ****


All wire terminations utilize professional crimped ferules to ensure a reliable connection.

Air intake fan pulls in filtered fresh air from the panel exterior and blows it across the stepper motor driver heat sinks.  Stepper motor drivers are mounted with the heat sinks facing up to all natural convection to push the heat up and towards the panel exhaust vent / fan. 



Nema 23 - BASIC - CNC Control Panel

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